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“For partners who need help resolving differences or forming better communication habits, there is help. Dispute resolution gurus Lisette Smith and Tanya Rapacz started their own small business, called The Partnership Resource, to help other business owners work out differences when the going gets tough.” [Full article]
Amanda Neville
“For those who want some deeper perspective on the challenges to navigate in effective partnerships, be certain to check out the Partnership Resource’s “Best Practices in Investment Advisory Partnerships” white paper, or if you’re facing problems that have already gone past this point, you may want to contact Smith and Rapacz directly for their services!” [Full article]
Michael Kitces
Think Advisor
“[The] biggest value of the independent facilitation that Smith and Rapacz offer [is about] maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the new entity, right from the start and down the road. “The Partnership Resource has done a lot of research, gotten university training, and lived through the experience so that your merger can lead to pleasant surprises, rather than the other kind.” [Full article]
Bob Veres
Inside Information
“I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for this very educational and inspiring experience you have helped create around our possible merger.  With your expertise and guidance, I feel that I have grown quite a bit as a business owner.”
Evor Vattuone
President, Aspire Planning Associates, Walnut Creek, CA
“The Partnership Resource enabled us to optimize our working relationship and launch our business with confidence. Their process was conducted efficiently, and potentially sensitive topics were addressed in a neutral, comfortable environment. I recommend The Partnership Resource to any would-be partners or entrepreneurs looking to collaborate or build a strong executive management team.”
Gene Hunt
Co-founder, Trevi Communications, Middleton, MA
“Before we formed a partnership and established our new marketing communications firm, we went through The Partnership Resource’s pre-merger process. Through research, individual assessments, and a facilitated team discussion, Tanya and Lisette helped us better understand our individual strengths, weaknesses, values and aspirations.”
Lisa Murray
Co-founder, Trevi Communications,   Middleton, MA
“All I can say is ‘Great Job’ today. [I] never expected to accomplish so much and still all feel good about our direction. Kudos to you and Tanya, consider this a ‘Standing Ovation.”
Paul Pignone
Boston Retirement Advisors,
Salem, NH
“Perhaps the biggest opportunity in using a tool likeThe Partnership Resource’s “Partnership Compatibility Assessment” is for those who are considering a potential partnership to go through the process up front, before the business is even created.” [Full article]
Michael Kitces
Nerd's Eye View Blog


The partnership resource
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