We Build Strong Partnerships.

Welcome to The Partnership Resource. We provide the advice and insight your partnership needs to be at its best. Whether you are starting a new venture, have a conflict with your business partner that you can't resolve, or need help communicating with your partner, we can help.

Studies suggest that the failure rate for business partnerships is as high as 70%, and of these, 62% are due to relationship issues between partners.

We work with partners from formation to succession to build and sustain exceptional business partnerships. Using mediation and facilitation skills, as well as our experience as business partners, we have helped partnerships in crisis, and longtime business partners who have stopped communicating, get back on track. We have also helped the cofounders of start-ups and newly merged entities start out with strong communication and conflict resolution skills.

We aim to increase the success rate for partnerships. We look forward to speaking to you about your business partnership and exploring how we can help you.




The partnership resource
  • Form strong partnerships
  • Resolve partnership conflict
  • Reinforce your partnership dynamics


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